Avantum Brands SL imports Old Man Mountain racks to the EU since 2005. We ship all over Europe.
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Old Man Mountain, The Story

Old Man Mountain
Our philosophy is simple; don't discriminate, innovate. That's why we developed the first suspension compatible cargo racks back in 1996.

The Original
The first set of Cold Springs, circa 1996.

After years of using backpacks to carry our bike-camping gear, we realized there had to be a more efficient and ergonomic solution. We wanted something that would allow us to ride trails and carry our bikes over rivers, locked gates and rocks. Panniers and racks were the obvious answer. But we soon realized there were no racks compatible with mountain bikes with suspension and no frame eyelets. No one considered this type of bicycle as a viable option for touring and bike-camping. So instead of buying new bikes we made our own racks, and the "Cold Springs Carriers" were born.

Channing Hammond

Channing Hammond, founder of Old Man Mountain, grew up in a metal fabrication shop surrounded by inventors and engineers. His Grandfather was instrumental in engineering and designing Charles Lindbergh's Spirit of St. Louis airplane and his Dad's Bonneville Salt Flats race car (which is driven by his mom at over 300 mph) holds several land speed records. Channing has been doing overnight, backcountry mountain bike trips since he was a teenager.

Why Choose OMM?

Consider this; if you had a Divide in the rear and a Divide on the front you would be able to carry 45kgs of gear, while having less than 2kgs of racks. Now that's efficient!

Proprietary Tooling
Each component of a rack (tubes, side-bars, dropouts, top plate) must be held by a jig to allow the welder a solid foundation to weld on and to ensure dimensional precision. Our welding jigs are painstakingly crafted to the exact specifications of each model. This ensures proper alignment and makes our production highly efficient.

Dynamic Load Ratings
You don't ride only straight ahead on a flat surface, so why should your rack be rated only in these conditions? All of our racks are rated for a "dynamic" load. Simply put, we test our racks in actual, real-life conditions. Our load ratings take into account, all forces; up, down, and side-to-side...much like the forces you would encounter during your own trip.

Customer Support
Today, there are many different rear axles on bikes which often makes it hard to know which of our racks is compatible with your bike. And then there are rear suspensions, v-brakes, disc brakes, fat bikes, and a lot of other inventions. We try to stay ahead, so just get in touch with us before you order and together we will figure out the best configuration for your bike.

Whether its a SoftRide Beam-equipped Co-Motion Tandem, a fat bike, or a full-suspension GT I-Drive, our brake boss and axle-mounting designs offer new solutions to old problems. Our dealers and customers are always telling us about new and exciting ways our racks solve their gear carrying problems. Our racks can also fit disc-brake equipped bikes, 29" mountain bikes, thru-axle designs and fat bikes.

Complete Selection
Most people know us for our mountain-bike and suspension compatible racks, but did you know we also used to make more conventional models?

Materials & Construction
Other rack manufacturers have soiled the perception of aluminum by worrying more about profits than reliability. The result is shoddy welding and the use of sub-par grades of material. The right alloy combined with proper construction makes Aluminum a truly amazing material. It's used by airline manufacturers and land speed race cars to provide ultimate combination of rigidity and light weight. Our rack material is a bomber grade of Aircraft-grade, 6061-T6, tubular aluminum.

More importantly than the material is the quality of the welds. Our welds are second to none and each joint is welded on both sides, resulting in joints that are far superior to other aluminum racks. The light weight of aluminum also allows us to use a much larger wall thickness than tubular steel racks.

Front Suspension Compatible Design
Other front suspension compatible designs hang the weight of the pannier and gear over the crown of the fork (we actually prototyped this design but scrapped it in favor of our current design). This design causes all this extra weight (think of it as adding 14+ kgs of body weight) to compress the suspension over each bump, causing premature wear on the fork and means you'd have to adjust the fork every time you pack up.

Our front suspension design attaches the weight of all your gear to the wheel which means you don't have to mess with fork adjustment each time you load your gear. We also have a much stiffer design in that our models provide bracing at the bottom of the rack. Our suspension-compatible front racks mount to the axle with our QR Skewer or thru-axle, providing a solid attachment which excellent lateral rigidity.


About avantum.

avantum. is a Spanish company based in Madrid. Since 2005, from here we import and ship Old Man Mountain racks to most EU countries, although our primary market is Spain. We are proud to say that Old Man Mountain racks is one of our best selling brands and we are happy to have helped so many bikers over the years to carry load on their MTB's, gravel and ebikes.



Old Man Mountain Bicycle Racks

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Old Man Mountain

Full Suspension

Our racks are compatible with full suspension bikes with 26" 700 27.5 and 29" wheels. The best option if you want to carry panniers on your bike.

Disc Brakes

OMM racks are compatible with disc brakes and 29" wheels. We solve your problem of carrying a load on your mountain bike. The best choice for your bike.

12" Thru-axles

We offer a solution for your 12" axle bike from most mayor brands. For example, Specialized, Cannondale, Trek, Canyon, Cube, Radon, Scott, Giant and Ghost.


Our new Elkhorn rack is perfect for Bikepacking. It is front or rear ready with optional fit kits for axle mounting. The Elkhorn comes in two sizes, Short and Tall.

Fat Bikes

The structure of the frame is wider and adapts perfectly to the Fat Bikes of Pugsley, Moonlander, Specialized Fatboy, Mondraker Panzer, Trek Farley and many other models... both front and back.

QR 15

Front QR15 is the front rack you need if you have a QR15 front fork from Fox or Rockshox. As you can see, you can carry load up front as well.