Avantum Brands SL importa racks Old Man Mountain para a UE desde 2005. Enviamos para toda a Europa.
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Aqui estão algumas respostas às perguntas mais frequentes sobre nossos porta-bicicletas. (em inglês)


About ordering

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping cost can vary depending on destination. We sometimes launch a promotion on shipping costs, so the actual price at the time of your order will be displayed in the shopping cart. These: are the standard rates to the most common destinations:

  • Germany 12.50 Eur
  • Netherlands 17.95 Eur
  • Belgium 18.50 Eur
  • Denmark 17.95 Eur
  • Sweden 29.95 Eur
  • Finland 29.95 Eur
  • Austria 18.50 Eur
  • Italy 17.95 Eur
  • France 14.95 Eur
  • Portugal 7.50 Eur
For other EU countries please inquire.

How long does it take to get my rack?

Depends on the destination. Here are some aproximate times.

  • Germany 4-5 days
  • Netherlands 4-5 days
  • Belgium 4-5 days
  • Denmark 7-9 days
  • Sweden 8-9 days
  • Finland 28-9 days
  • Austria 4-5 days
  • Italy 7-8 days
  • France 4-5 days
  • Portugal 2-3 days
For other EU countries please inquire.

What is the warranty on the racks?

Old Man Mountain warrants each product it manufactures to be free from defect in material and workmanship for the purpose it was intended to the original purchaser for the reasonable lifetime of the product.
The Full Version:
Old Man Mountain warrants each product it manufactures to be free from defect in material and workmanship for the purpose it was intended to the original purchaser for the reasonable lifetime of the product. Your original dated sales or delivery receipt showing the date of purchase is your proof of purchase. Old Man Mountain shall not be liable for damage or delays caused by defective material or workmanship; it is limited to the repair or replacement, at its factory, of any defective article or part thereof, which may be returned to the factory; transportation charges prepaid, by the original purchaser. Old Man Mountain shall be the sole judge of the existence of any defect in the article so returned. No claim for charges incurred in the removal, disassembly, or reinstallation of such article will be allowed. The Lifetime Warranty does not cover claims from misuse, neglect, failure to follow the instructions, improper installation, improper maintenance and use, abuse alteration, involvement in an accident and normal wear and tear. The warranty does not cover any article that has been altered outside of the Old Man Mountain or the performance of any accessory or equipment on or in which any article of the company's manufacturer is used. Old Man Mountain shall, in no event, be liable for consequential damage or contingent liability arising out of any total or partial failure to any article manufactured by, if, or of any accessory or equipment on or in which it used. Failure of a user to give notice of claim as to defect claimed under the provisions of this warranty within sixty (60) days of the appearance of such claim shall constitute a waiver by customer of all claims with respect to such goods and equipment. No expressed, implied, or statutory warranty other than that herein set forth is made or authorized to be made by the company.

Can I return or exchange the rack?

Yes. You have 30 days if you need to return or exchange the rack for another. Common sense, unused product and in original packaging. Return shipping costs are paid by the buyer. If there is a mistake on our part, then we will assume the shipping costs. If you need to make a return or exchange, please contact us first.

And the payment options?

You can pay with IBAN bank transfer, credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Paypal.

About the rack

Made in the USA?

    The Sherpa has been made in the USA since the company was founded back in 1996. The frame of the new Divide rack is made in Asia.
    Design, product testing in real life conditions are made in California and Oregon.

Do I need a fit kit for the Divide?

    No and yes. The Divide comes ready to be mounted to the eyelets of the frame. So if your frame has eyelets you do not need a fit kit. However, if your bike does not have eyelets or if you just want the benefits of an axle mount, then you need a fit kit.

Ok, I need a fit kit. But which and what is included?

    The Fit Kit includes pucks, zip ties, clear protective tape and a new QR or axle. The axle susbstitutes the original axle of your bike so it is important that they have the same thread pitch. If you do not know the thread pitch of your axle our Bike Finder can help you.

Is the Bike Finder up to date?

    We try our best to keep the Bike Finder updated and in 99.9% of the cases we are spot on. But bike manufacturers can change the configuration of a bike from one year to another or even from one model to another. So it is always a good idea to double check the two axles before you mount the rack.

What is the benefit of an axle mounted rack?

    Well, first of all, every bike has a wheel and a center of a wheel, so this allows us to mount Old Man Mountain racks on pretty much any bike with a thru axle. Additionally, there are a few other benefits:

  • All the weight is carried on the axle, which is the most secure, durable and lowest mounting point on the bike.
  • On eyelet-mounted racks, the bolts are in shear, which is fairly weak when stressed over time. Our axles provide a physical interface for the rack that is far stronger for carrying load.
  • Axle mounted racks can be used on suspension bikes and require no adjustment to suspension settings.

Why would I use a cargo rack instead of soft bikepacking bags?

We don't think it is an either/or situation. Racks can compliment bikepacking bags, and vice versa. But we do think there are advantages to racks:

  • Cargo racks are ideal for small people with small bikes, who don't have the frame capacity for soft bags.
  • Cargo racks also allow for more carrying capacity, for those of us who want to carry more food and clothing, or a trombone. Just sayin'.
  • Racks allow for the weight to be carried lower on the bike, which generally allows for better handling.
  • Racks require no adjustment to suspension settings.
  • Racks require no adjustment to your cockpit and do not compromise your bike fit.
  • Carrying a backpack that has more than a hydration pack is horribly uncomfortable for long days in the saddle and just dumb.
  • How many kgs can I carry on the racks?

    When mounting to the eyelets the limit is 25kgs. For axle mounting, the weight limit of an Old Man Mountain Divide is 31.75 kgs evenly distributed. However, the quality of ride will diminish with the more weight you put on your rack. If you will be carrying more than 32kgs we suggest spreading your total weight load to be 60% on the front wheel and 40% on the rear wheel.

    Can I use any pannier?

    Yes. Any pannier will fit the Divide. We recommend using quality panniers like Carradice or Ortlieb, but any bag will do.
    Remember that on the Elkhorn you should not hang side panniers.

    Can I use Old Man Mountain with an internal gear hub or a nutted axle?

    Sorry, Old Man Mountain does not fit bikes with internally geared hubs or bikes with nuted axles.

    What's up with the puck and zip ties?

    As every seat stay is different, we used to have 13 different sizes of clamps. The pucks and zipties simplifies, one size fits all.

    We supply special high-strength UV-resistant zip ties because they are safe for use with various frame materials and they are easy to install.

    Our pucks are made of fiber reinforced nylon and have been thoroughly abused and tested to meet the demands of the roughest trails and the heaviest loads. We always turn to trail builders to test our racks durability because if anyone can break a bike part and load far more than is advised on a bike it's trail builders.

    We provide protective clear tape to protect the finish of your frame or fork. It may need to be replaced after extended use.

    Additionally, the upper attachment uses the pucks only to prevent the rack from rotating around the axle. The vast majority of the weight is carried on the axle.

    And why a seatpost clamp on some Divide

    Gravel and road bikes use thinner tubing and are often made of carbon. So we we include a seatpost clamp instead of the pucks and zipties. The seatpost clamps attach to common 27.2mm seatposts. If you have another size seatpost you would need to source the seatpost clamp locally. For the Divide, the seat post clamp is sold separately.


    Is it safe to use the rack on a carbon bike?

    Absolutely. Our racks carry the majority of the weight directly on the axle. Therefore, the frame does not suffer if you hit a bump on the road. However, due to the characteristics of a carbon frame, we suggest you do "normal" cycling if you are carrying load on a carbon frame. Avoid doing the jumps and pirouettes. ANd if you really must do this, mount the rack on a steel or alu bike.

    Is there a manual for how to install?

    Yes. And if you prefer visual over print, on our Yutube channel there are several videos of how to mount the rack.

    Instructions for the new Divide are here >> Or take a look at the video: How to install the new Divide rack >>

    Which rack should I install and what is a Fit Kit?

    There is actually only 1 Divide or Elkhorn rack. But there are various installation kits, or Fit Kits.
    As we try to explain on the product page, our axle substitutes the original axle of your bike. This is why it is so important that our axle has the same thread pitch as the original axle. The beauty of the Fit Kit design of the Old Man Mountain racks is their modularity. Your OMM rack frame will fit your bike, your next bike, and probably your next bike. If your next bike has a different thread axle you just need to order a new Fit Kit and not the complete rack. Each Fit Kit contains a thru axle to replace your original thru axle and provide a strong foundation to attach your OMM rack. Also included are all the components to secure the rack to the frame or fork and prevent it from rotating around the axle.

    Will it work if I have rear suspension?

    Yes. No problem. That's the reason we started production of Old Man Mountain back in 1996.

    Any other tips?

    Okay, a few pointers....

    • Our pucks, zipties and seatpost clamp are great for the upper attachment. But if your frame or fork has upper eyelet mounts to attach the extenders, then by all means use them if you prefer.
    • However, we prefer to mount OMM racks to thru axles rather than lower fender or rack eyelets. Our axles and Fit Kits interlock to provide physical support for the rack, mounted on our 10mm, stainless steel axle ends. A lower, 5mm eyelet bolt is weak because it is in what engineers call "Sheer" and does not take full advantage of our design.
    • Sometimes the width of our racks and the mounting points on your particular frame will require bending the Extenders to get the best fit. The aluminium extenders can be bent. Don't hesitate to do this.

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    Old Man Mountain


    Porta-bagagens para bicicleta mtb suspensão. Para medições de roda 26, 27,5, 700 e 29. A melhor opção para transportar carga em sua bicicleta.

    Freios a disco

    Compatível com freios a disco e rodas 29. Old Man Mountain vai resolver o problema para que você pode carregar sua carga em passeios de bicicleta.

    Eixo 12x 142/148

    Porta-bagagens compatível com os novos eixos de 21x142 de marcas como Specialized, Cannondale, Trek, Canyon, Cube, Radon e bicicletas Fat..


    Nosso novo rack Elkhorn é perfeito para Bikepacking. Está pronto para a frente ou para trás com kits de montagem opcionais para montagem no eixo. O Elkhorn vem em dois tamanhos, curto e alto.

    Fat Bikes

    A estrutura do quadro é mais larga e adapta-se perfeitamente às Bikes Fat da Pugsley, Moonlander, Specialized Fatboy, Mondraker Panzer, Trek Farley e muitos outros modelos ... frontais e traseiros.

    QR 15

    Front QR15 15 é le porta-bagagem dianteiro que permite levar bagagem em bicicletas con forquetas Fox/Rockshox om eixo QR15.