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Which version of the Sherpa do I need?

Old Man Mountain Sherpa
Old Man Mountain Sherpa

Below, select your type of bicycle and brand and we will help you identify the version of Sherpa you need for your bike.


Select the options that describes your bike:


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For example: If above you see the number 813, then you need the Sherpa Rear 813 version for your bike which has a thru-axle with a 1.0 thread pitch and is compatible with axle lenghts of 160, 167 and 172 mm.

Still not certain?

  You can also Download and print this PDF and place your axle on top of the drawings.


Sherpa Rear MTB

Sherpa Front MTB 15"

Sherpa Rear 813 - Thread Pitch 1.0 Length 160, 167, or 172 mm
Sherpa Rear 826- Thread Pitch 1.0 Length 175 or 184 mm
Sherpa Rear 814 - Thread Pitch 1.5 Length 172 - 178 mm
Sherpa Rear 810 - Thread Pitch 1.75 Length de 192 - 198 mm
Sherpa Rear 811 - Thread Pitch 1.75 Length de 174 - 180 mm

Sherpa Front 701 - Thread Pitch 1.5 Length 148 mm
Sherpa Front 703 - Thread Pitch 1.5 Length 158 mm
Sherpa Front 702 - Thread Pitch 1.5 Length 145 mm
Sherpa Front 704 - Thread Pitch 1.5 Length 155 mm
Sherpa Front 720 - Suntour Q-Loc

Sherpa Rear QR

Sherpa Front QR

Sherpa Rear QR - Standard 135mm QR skewer Sherpa Front QR - Front for MTB bicycles with a standard QR skewer.

Sherpa Rear Gravel and Road

Sherpa Front Road Gravel 15"

Sherpa Rear 817.R - Thread Pitch 1.0 Length 154, 160, or 167 mm
Sherpa Rear 813.R - Thread Pitch 1.0 Length 160, 167 or 172 mm
Sherpa Rear 801.R - Thread Pitch 1.75 Length 167 - 174 mm
Sherpa Rear 812.R - Thread Pitch 1.5 Length 159 - 165 mm
Sherpa Rear 814.R - Thread Pitch 1.5 Length 172 - 178 mm
SET709.R - Thread Pitch 1.5 Length 133 - 138 mm
SET707.R - Thread Pitch 1.5 Length 125 mm

Sherpa Fat Rear thru-axle

Sherpa Fat Front 15"

Sherpa Fat Rear 806 - Thread Pitch 1.5 Length 209 mm
SSherpa Fat Rear 807 - Thread Pitch 1.75 Length 217 - 229 mm
Sherpa Fat Rear 808 - Thread Pitch 1.5 Length 223 - 229 mm
Sherpa Fat Rear 809 - Thread Pitch 1.75 Length 209 mm
Sherpa Fat Rear 815 - Thread Pitch 1.0 Length 217 - 229 mm
SET715 - Thread Pitch 1.5 Length 198 mm

Sherpa Fat Rear QR

Sherpa Front Road Gravel 15"

Sherpa Fat Rear QR - For Fat Bikes with a standard QR skewer, 170 or 190 mm. SET706.R- Thread Pitch 1.0 Length 119 - 125 mm
SET705.R- Thread Pitch 1.5 Length 120 - 125 mm
SET712.R- Thread Pitch 1.75 Length 122 mm

Old Man Mountain

Old Man Mountain Bicycle Racks

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Old Man Mountain

Full Suspension

Our racks are compatible with full suspension bikes with 26" 700 27.5 and 29" wheels. The best option if you want to carry panniers on your bike.

Disc Brakes

OMM racks are compatible with disc brakes and 29" wheels. We solve your problem of carrying a load on your mountain bike. The best choice for your bike.

12" Thru-axles

We offer a solution for your 12" axle bike from most mayor brands. For example, Specialized, Cannondale, Trek, Canyon, Cube, Radon, Scott, Giant and Ghost.


Our new Elkhorn rack is perfect for Bikepacking. It is front or rear ready with optional fit kits for axle mounting. The Elkhorn comes in two sizes, Short and Tall.

Fat Bikes

The structure of the frame is wider and adapts perfectly to the Fat Bikes of Pugsley, Moonlander, Specialized Fatboy, Mondraker Panzer, Trek Farley and many other models... both front and back.

QR 15

Front QR15 is the front rack you need if you have a QR15 front fork from Fox or Rockshox. As you can see, you can carry load up front as well.