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Avantum Brands SL imports Old Man Mountain racks to the EU since 2005. We ship all over Europe.
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Old Man Mountain Divide rack for panniers


Ready to mount to the eyelets, front or rear. No eyelets? Buy an optional Fit Kit. Buy more fit kits and switch between bikes or between front and rear.

Old Man Mountain Divide Fat rack for panniers on fat bikes

Divide Fat

The Divide Fat fits up to 26×5” or 27.5×4.6” tires. It's front or rear mountable to eyelets with optional Fit Kits for mounting to the axle. For your next adventure.

Old Man Mountain Elkhorn


A slim, multi-tool of a bike packing rack. Mount it in the front or in the back. Bag on top and cage mount or bottle cage on the sides.

Old Man Mountain Pizza Rack

New Front Pizza Rack

A new front rack for bikepacking or commuting with a large upper platform for those big bulky bags you need to carry along.

Old Man Mountain Pizza Rack

Axle Pack

Yet another revolutionary product from Old Man Mountain!

Old Man Mountain Pizza Rack

For Any Fork

Carry 5+5 kgs on your fork with the Axle Pack mounted to the axle.


Old Man Mountain Ponderosa Pannier

Ponderosa Pannier

Sunshine or rain, your stuff will be dry with these 100% waterproof pair of panniers. They will take you anywhere.

Old Man Mountain Juniper Trunk Bag

Juniper Trunk Bag

Attach the Juniper to your rack deck with the four cam lock strapped buckles to keep it steady and secure.


Old Man Mountain Basket


Basket built to bolt directly to our racks for a stable and rattle-free ride.

Old Man Mountain Juniper Trunk Bag

Light Mounts

Both mounts are designed to work seamlessly with Old Man Mountain racks.

Old Man Mountain T-shirts


Join the movement with an Old Man Mountain Logo Tee or the Rune Tee.

Widefoot CageMount and LiterCage


We also recommend the CageMount and the LiterCage from Widefoot.


Carradice Super C Pannier

Super C

The generous capacity (27 litres per pannier, 54 litres total) will carry whatever you need to bring.

Carradice Carradry Pannier


Large, robust and completely waterproof so you can be sure your kit is safe and secure whatever the weather.

Carradice Barley Saddlebag


It is ideal for day rides, with enough room to hold essentials and a bit more.

Carradice Camper Longflap Saddlebag

Camper Longflap

Huge 23 litre capacity means you can go for a multi-night tour with ease.

Made in the USA?

    The Sherpa has been made in the USA since the company was founded back in 1996. The axle is still made in the USA, but the frame of the new Divide, Elkhorn, Pizza Rack and Axle Pack is made in Asia.
    Design, product testing in real life conditions are made in California and Oregon.

Do I need a fit kit for the Divide?

    No and yes. The Divide comes ready to be mounted to the eyelets of the frame. So if your frame has eyelets you do not need a fit kit. However, if your bike does not have eyelets or if you just want the benefits of an axle mount, then you need a fit kit.

Ok, I need a fit kit. But which and what is included?

    The Fit Kit includes pucks, zip ties, clear protective tape and a new QR or axle. The axle susbstitutes the original axle of your bike so it is important that they have the same thread pitch. If you do not know the thread pitch of your axle our Bike Finder can help you.

Is the Bike Finder up to date?

    We try our best to keep the Bike Finder updated and in 99.9% of the cases we are spot on. But bike manufacturers can change the configuration of a bike from one year to another or even from one model to another. So it is always a good idea to double check the two axles before you mount the rack.

What is the benefit of an axle mounted rack?

    Well, first of all, every bike has a wheel and a center of a wheel, so this allows us to mount Old Man Mountain racks on pretty much any bike with a thru axle. Additionally, there are a few other benefits:

  • All the weight is carried on the axle, which is the most secure, durable and lowest mounting point on the bike.
  • On eyelet-mounted racks, the bolts are in shear, which is fairly weak when stressed over time. Our axles provide a physical interface for the rack that is far stronger for carrying load.
  • Axle mounted racks can be used on suspension bikes and require no adjustment to suspension settings.

Why would I use a cargo rack instead of soft bikepacking bags?

We don't think it is an either/or situation. Racks can compliment bikepacking bags, and vice versa. But we do think there are advantages to racks:

  • Cargo racks are ideal for small people with small bikes, who don't have the frame capacity for soft bags.
  • Cargo racks also allow for more carrying capacity, for those of us who want to carry more food and clothing, or a trombone. Just sayin'.
  • Racks allow for the weight to be carried lower on the bike, which generally allows for better handling.
  • Racks require no adjustment to suspension settings.
  • Racks require no adjustment to your cockpit and do not compromise your bike fit.
  • Carrying a backpack that has more than a hydration pack is horribly uncomfortable for long days in the saddle and just dumb.

    Old Man Mountain Divide video instructions for mounting rack

    Mounting Instructions

    We offer several new mounting videos that will help you see how to mount the Divide rack on your bike.

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    Old Man Mountain bicycle racks
    Examples of Old Man Mountain Divide
    Examples of Old Man Mountain Sherpa
    Examples of Old Man Mountain Divide
    Old Man Mountain bicycle racks and Carradice Super C
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    Examples of Old Man Mountain Elkhorn
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    Old Man Mountain bicycle racks
    Examples of Old Man Mountain Elkhorn
    Examples of Old Man Mountain Divide
    Examples of Old Man Mountain Divide