Divide USA

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Select if you only want the Divide USA frame for eyelet mounting or if you also need to add a fit kit.

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EN: -Divide comes ready for mounting to front or rear eyelets. If you need or want an axle mount you can purchase a Fit Kit.
ES: -Divide viene listo para montar en ojales delanteros o traseros. Si necesitas o deseas un anclaje al eje, puede comprar un Pack de anclaje.
FR:-Divide est prêt à être monté sur les œillets avant ou arrière. Si vous avez besoin ou souhaitez un support d’essieu, vous pouvez acheter un kit d’ajustement.
DE: -Divide ist fertig für die Montage an vorderen oder hinteren Ösen. Wenn Sie eine Achshalterung benötigen oder wünschen, können Sie ein Fit Kit erwerben.
IT: -Divide è pronto per il montaggio sugli occhielli anteriori o posteriori. Se hai bisogno o desideri un supporto per asse, puoi acquistare un Fit Kit.
PT: -Divide já vem pronto para montagem nos olhais dianteiros ou traseiros. Se você precisa ou deseja um suporte de eixo, pode adquirir um Kit de Ajuste.
SE: -Divide kommer redo för montering bak eller fram på ramens öljetter. Vill du ha montering till axeln behöver du lägga till ett Fit Kit.

The USA version of the Divide rack is made in California by the company’s founder, Channing Hammond. While made to almost the same design as our other racks, they retain our Classic logo embossed on the deck, and you now know the name of the guy that makes them.
-The Divide USA fits up to 29 x 3 inch tires, with room for fenders.
-The deck measures 100 mm x 330 mm
-The dropouts are height adjustable to keep the weight loaded low on the bike and fit a wide range of tire sizes.


SET817 – Thread Pitch 1.0 Length 154-167 mm
SET813 – Thread Pitch 1.0 Length 160-172 mm
SET826– Thread Pitch 1.0 Length 175-184 mm
SET812 – Thread Pitch 1.5 Length 159-165 mm
SET814 – Thread Pitch 1.5 Length 169-178 mm
SET822 – Thread Pitch 1.5 Length 176-188 mm
SET821 – Thread Pitch 1.75 Length 164-167 mm
SET811– Thread Pitch 1.75 Length 174-180 mm
SET810 – Thread Pitch 1.75 Length 192-198 mm

SETQRR – Road or Mtn Rear 5mm QR 10×135

SET707 – Thread Pitch 1.5 Length 125 mm
SET727 – Thread Pitch 1.5 Length 130 to 135 mm
SET709 – Thread Pitch 1.5 Length 133-138 mm
SET701 – Thread Pitch 1.5 Length 148 mm
SET703 – Thread Pitch 1.5 Length 158 mm
SET702 – Thread Pitch 1.5 Length 145 mm
SET704 – Thread Pitch 1.5 Length 155 mm
SET704.F – Thread Pitch 1.5 Length 155 mm
SET720 – For Suntour Q-Loc forks
SET726 – For Manitou Boost forks
SET725 – For Manitou Fat forks

SETQRF – Road or Mtn Front 5mm QR 9×100 hub

SET706.R– Thread Pitch 1.0 Length 119 o 125
SET705.R– Thread Pitch 1.5 Length 120 o 125
SET712.R – Thread Pitch 1.75 Length 122 mm
SET723.R – Thread Pitch 1.0 Length 129 or 135 mm
SET724.R – Thread Pitch 1.5 Length 128 or 134 mm
SET724.X – Thread Pitch 1.5 Rock Shox Ruby
SET724.F – Thread Pitch 1.5 Fox 32TC Gravel


SET125 – Use 12mm x 1.25mm for Rad Power Bikes and Mahle/EBIKEMOTION Equipped E-Bikes.
SET126 – Use 10mm x 1.0mm for Rohloff, Enviolo, Shimano Nexave, SRAM I-Motion, and SRAM Torpedo.
SET127 – Use 3/8-26 for Shimano Nexus, Shimano Alfine, Shimano Coasting.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 21 cm

Divide. Without fit kit., Divide and SET701 Front, Divide and SET702 Front, Divide and SET703 Front, Divide and SET704 Front, Divide and SET704.F Front, Divide and SET705.R Front, Divide and SET706.R Front, Divide and SET707 Front, Divide and SET709 Front, Divide and SET712.R Front, Divide and SET720 Front, Divide and SET723.R Front, Divide and SET724.R Front, Divide and SET724.X Front, Divide and SET724.F Front, Divide and SET725 Front, Divide and SET726 Front, Divide and SET727 Front, Divide and SETQRF Front, Divide and SET810 Rear, Divide and SET811 Rear, Divide and SET812 Rear, Divide and SET813 Rear, Divide and SET814 Rear, Divide and SET817 Rear, Divide and SET821 Rear, Divide and SET822 Rear, Divide and SET826 Rear, Divide and SETQRR Rear, Divide and SET125, Divide and SET126, Divide and SET127