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Our philosophy is simple; don’t discriminate, innovate. That’s why we developed the first suspension compatible cargo racks back in 1996.

The Original
The first set of Cold Springs, circa 1996.

After years of using backpacks to carry our bike-camping gear, we realized there had to be a more efficient and ergonomic solution. We wanted something that would allow us to ride trails and carry our bikes over rivers, locked gates and rocks. Panniers and racks were the obvious answer. But we soon realized there were no racks compatible with mountain bikes with suspension and no frame eyelets. No one considered this type of bicycle as a viable option for touring and bike-camping. So instead of buying new bikes we made our own racks, and the “Cold Springs Carriers” were born.

Since then many winters have passed and several racks have been designed: Sherpa, Pioneer, Black Rock, White Rock, front low-riders racks. All with the purpose to provide a unique solution for your bike adventures.

Currently, we are focusing on the newly launched Divide rack. The new Divide is front and rear ready for eyelet mounting with an optional fit kit for axle mounting.

avantum brands

avantum. is a Spanish company based in Madrid. Since 2005, from here we import and ship Old Man Mountain racks to most EU countries, although our primary market is Spain. We are proud to say that Old Man Mountain racks is one of our best selling brands and we are happy to have helped so many bikers over the years to carry load on their MTB’s, gravel and ebikes.

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