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Perfect companion for the Elkhorn rack, your bottle holder or for the Widefoot CargoMount.

On some rides you can feel the mountain breathing. Rhythmic gusts of wind pushing against you or, if he’s feeling forgiving, pushing at your back. He’s a craggy, weathered old man, worn by time and the elements, but rest here for a moment and breath in the wisdom of the mountain air.

Keep hydrated with these 32oz (1 liter, or 0.94 lieters to be exact)), Wide Mouth, Nalgene bottles. Perfect for the trail, road, or office. Available in Woodsman Green or Charcoal.
The illustration is made by Dean Liebau.

For better pricing you can order the Nalgene bottle together with your Divide or Elkhorn Rack, just select Nalgene Bottle when you order the rack.

Details of Nalgene Bottle:
Weight: 119 gr
Measurements: 25.4 x 12.7 x 2.54 cm
Colors: Woodsman Green o Charcoal

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Nalgene bottle

Charcoal, Green

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