Divide Fat Fit Kit


Select the Divide Fat fit kit you need.

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Do you need to mount the Divide Fat on another bike that has a different axle?

Do you have a Divide Fat mounted at the back and would you like to mount the Divide Fat at the front?

If you already have the Divide Fat you can buy an additional Fit Kit so that you can mount it however you want and on the bike you want.


Included in Fit Kit:

Divide Fit Kit

For front or rear axle mounting.



-Through axle or QR skewer
-Zip ties
-Protective tape
Old Man Mountain Divide Fit Kit
Old Man Mountain Divide Fit Kit OMM QR Skewer


SET815 – Thread Pitch 1.0 Length 217 o 229
SET806 – Thread Pitch 1.5 Length 209 mm
SET808 – Thread Pitch 1.5 Length 223 o 229
SET809 – Thread Pitch 1.75 Length 209 mm
SET807 – Thread Pitch 1.75 Length 217 o 229

SET715 – Thread Pitch 1.5 Length 198 mm

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 35 × 11 × 4 cm
Divide Fat Set

SET715 Front, SET806 Rear, SET807 Rear, SET808 Rear, SET809 Rear, SET815 Rear

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